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New Ford GT 2019 Supercar.

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Ford’s new £450,000 supercar – the one that they have been talking about with so much interest – is finally here. So, we all know how it began. Ford GT40 was not really a normal invention. Henry Ford, the owner of Ford (duh) tries to purchase Ferrari (the company itself) to win the (24 Hours of) Le Mans, way back in the 1960s. Le Mans is the oldest sports car endurance racing event that happens in the town of Le Mans in France. Enzo Ferrari asks Ford to forget about it (even when a deal was in place beforehand). What does Henry Ford do? He builds his own supercar that not only wins Le Mans in a time of deadly competition in the supercar racing world, but does it four times repeatedly.

The Ford GT is the road-going version of the Ford GT40. And quite true to its ancestry, it happens to win the 2016 Le Mans, exactly 50 years after the 1966 win of the Ford GT40.

Technical highlights

Carbon fibre is the heart of the new supercar of the modern age. And the new Ford is no different. Out of all the supercars for sale, this is what captures the heart of the buyer more than anything else. A carbon fibre tub, along with the front and rear pushrod suspension, makes the GT a complete beast. In addition, there’s an ultra-lightweight seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox fitted in the rear suspension.

The body panels are carbon fibre as well. For the rest of the body, the metal parts are mainly aluminium. The dry weight of the GT hits 1385 kg and with the fluids, the GT easily approaches 1450kg. It sure is lighter than the most common competitor models from Ferrari, McLaren, and so on, claims Ford.

As for wheels, 20×8.5-inches Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s support the chassis. The rear wheels are 325/30s and the front ones are 245/35s. Alloy wheels work the best with carbon ceramic disc brakes and that’s what Ford has for you.

The car comes with a total of no less than five drive modes: wet, comfort, sport, track, and the v-max.

Now, here’s a record-breaking claim by Ford: you get a computer-controlled aerodynamic system that creates more downforce but less drag than most of the rival models. As the downforce increases with the increase in speed, the centre of pressure needs to move as well to maintain balance. An electronic airbrake that sits at the back and the winglets that sit up front move to attain this balance through the alteration of the centre of pressure. This helps GT avoid the building-up of too much downforce around the front region relative to the rear portion.

The engine, transmission, and the 0-60mph time

The 3.5-litre twin turbo V6 engines that power the GT are the very soul of it. The engine develops a whopping 638bhp at 6250RPM. The peak seems to be 550 lb. ft. at 5900RPM. That peak is available flat in the range of 3000-6000RPM.

According to Ford, in the sport and track drive modes, there’s an anti-lag system in place. Its job is to eliminate lag.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: 0-60mph. The Ford takes 2.8 seconds to accomplish that, the top speed being 216mph. Somewhere around 5-6 seconds, you’d get your 0-100mph.

The price factor is a goldilocks zone between higher end models like the Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari, or the McLaren P1 and the lower-end competitor models like the McLaren 720S or the Ferrari 488 GTB (£209,000 and £183,000 up against the £450,000 Ford GT).

But in reality, you will find that the GT is not really a competition for the P1. And the lower end models from Ferrari and McLaren both match up in real-world speed to the GT anyway. They are also better road-going cars than the Ford GT. So, on a second look, you’ll figure it’s a supercar with a high price.

The market supercars for sale.

Surely, you have been through a number of luxury cars for sale. But how many times have you listened to overpriced supercars? Autotrader cars UK – now that’s a term we will be listening more of in a few quick years. In the UK, the market for new supercars and luxury cars for sale is increasing faster than ever. With the introduction of the Ford GT, the market celebrates the entry of a fresh stream of enthusiasm.

What this means is that even if you find the price to be higher for the Ford GT, all it might mean is that Ferrari and McLaren are not charging enough to their customers. The whole three-year production of a thousand cars is fully sold – there were over 8,000 orders of interest from potential owners. Doesn’t it actually mean that Ford has got the pricing right?