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New 2019 Porsche 911-992

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The Porsche 911 is currently in its ninth iteration with eight previous generations behind it. Its stylish contours and the hood design are reminiscent of the 1974 G-series. This car offers limitless customization options and features some incredibly sharp handling. There’s no question that it is one of the most dynamic cars on the market today.

Engine, transmission and 0-60mph

A 450bhp 3.0-litre turbo engine gives the 911 unprecedented power. It is able to go 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds. The turbos and intercoolers are noticeably larger and offer a sharper response than ever before. Redlining at 7,500 rpm, it’s capable of an impressive display of power to say the least. It is just one of the reasons why so many people are rushing to supercars dealers to buy this vehicle.

The PDK transmission in the Porsche 911 offers faster eight-speed shifting and significant fuel savings. The cooling flaps that are located in the front open up to neutralize the front lift. There are three positions for the rear spoiler, including down, mid range low drag, and full speed full up.

Tell me about the interior

When you are browsing through the autotrader cars UK has to offer, you also need to keep in mind this vehicle’s incredible interior. It features premium materials that are durable, comfortably and aesthetically pleasing. There is a ton of head room and all of the controls are always within close reach.

The modern technology that you’ll find inside Porsche 911 is equally impressive. This supercar features an eight speaker system that offers plenty of bass. There is also seamless smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature. The voice control allows you to perform a number of functions hands-free. There is a large touch screen that allows you to navigate between menus quickly and easily. It has a nice bright and crisp display with a very responsive design.

When you get in this car the first thing you’ll likely notice is the sport bucket seats that are surprisingly roomy. There is also more leg room that one would assume based on previous generations of this vehicle. Vision is never a problem due to the upright seating position combined with the thin roof pillars.

Technical highlights

This car’s adaptive damping also comes as a standard feature, and it is part of what makes the handling so impressive. You also have the option of getting adaptive anti-roll rear wheel steering. The adaptive engine mounts are available only with the Sport Chrono pack.

When you are in the market for auto trader cars used cars, this vehicle is truly something special to consider. The chassis options include 4WD, 4WS and anti-roll. There are some optional driver assist systems, including lane-keeping, night vision, and active cruise.

When you are looking for luxury cars for sale, you simply cannot forget the Porsche 911. Its elegant and stylish design is combined with unbelievable raw power. Even the most discerning of automobile enthusiasts cannot deny that it is a true work of art and masterful engineering.