2019 ford mustang yellow v8 in uk

New 2019 Ford Mustang, the Legend lives.

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The Ford Mustang is known as one of the most loved sports cars available at an affordable price.

What do you think it would be like to visit a luxury cars for sale UK lot and buy your very first sports car? It would be amazing wouldn’t it? The Ford mustang is a car that many only dream to have so if you have the opportunity to purchase this car then you are truly in luck! While the Ford Mustang has been upgraded a lot in past years, some of the features of a Mustang still remain a part of the model of the car which means that even when the newer versions come out, most people still recognize them as a Mustang. With a superb V8 engine, the Mustang packs a huge punch on the road when you accelerate. You will find out really quick as soon as you press on the gas pedal just how much power this car packs. You can expect to pay anywhere from of £30-£40k for this beauty; which is most ideal for the average person’s budget. With the Eco Boost being one of the most affordable models, you will find that it isn’t too far behind in features compared to the more expensive version of the Ford Mustang.

With that being said, you won’t find very many sports cars at the price of the Ford Mustang when you are shopping for supercars for sale. It’s amazing enough that the car includes just about everything that you can ask for in a decent sports car for the price. Keep in mind that the Ford Mustang is still pretty much brand new to UK buyers; it made its big debut back in the year 2015. Besides the Mustang, there are plenty of other supercars within the same price range that pass as head turners as well. With it being new in the UK it is now one of the most popular options from buyers who are looking for cars for sale in uk.


The 2018 update gave the Mustang an inconspicuously amended look, yet there’s still no confusing the Mustang with what it is. There’s a decent blend of retro plan prompts and present day lines, and the vehicle’s four-seater inside was given somewhat of a revive. There was more power for the V8, up from 412bhp to 444bhp, although curiously the EcoBoost model saw a drop in power, from 313bhp to 286bhp.


The good news for the Ford Mustang is that there isn’t much competition. However one of the rivals available to UK buyers is the Chevrolet Camero. The Camero is currently only available in left hand driving though for UK buyers. This means that the Mustang pretty much takes over the market at this point in time. Another competitor that the Ford Mustang has to face is the Lexus RC F, which is a V8 coupe. The Lexus RC F is priced at around £20,000 higher than the Mustang so naturally there will be more people who purchase the Ford Mustang because of the fact that it is cheaper.

For the Ford Mustang, you can expect to pay a reasonable price although the cost for running a V8 is a bit

The Mustang that is facelifted is the one that will cost you the most compared to other autotrader cars uk; you can expect to pay anywhere from £38k to £48k for this one. This means that you will be paying over £3 more than the original 2015 version.