Lamborghini Huracán Performante, the best supercar in 2018. 1

Lamborghini Huracán Performante, the best supercar in 2018.

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Many of the well off and wealthy are excited about the various different new supercars that will soon be released this Summer of 2019. One super car that stood out the most at the fascinating performance that took place last week, is the Huracan Performante. This beauty is a model by makers of Lamborghini. It is to be released this upcoming Summer. Many of the auto trader cars UK will have it available to look at for possible purchasing.

This beauty is a model specifically built mainly from aluminum and carbonfire. Many of the parts that this car consists of, weigh a lot less than the average car weighs; 40kg less to be approximate.

Engine & Transmission

The engine for the Huracan is a 5.2 litre, naturally aspirated V10 Powertrain. As you can see it is quite powerful, and the speed that it holds has yet to be exercised to the fullest. Since it is much lighter in weight, it will most definitely be much faster than the previous Performante. The car includes titanium valves that have more lift than its previous version. The exhaust system is positioned in a sense that will allow for a more pleasant driving experience. With the new positioning of the exhaust system, you can also expect these beneficial specs:

  • 631bhp
  • Torque: 443lb ft
  • 0-60 mph within 2.9 seconds
  • 0-120mph within 8.9 seconds

More Highlights

The front spoiler of the Huracan is basically forged composite with flaps that are located at the top. A total of two ducts are located at the rear of the engine cover, which connects to the inside channels of the backside wing. The rear wings are a basic spoiler when the flaps have been closed. A vertical downforce is activated with the flaps have been closed, but when they are open there is less of a drag felt while driving, which means that the max amount of speed can be achieved. A feature known as aero vectoring is what occurs when the ducts operate alone. This allows for faster cornering which gives the car a really steady downforce. These features alone will have you checking out the super cars for sale once Summer time hits.

Something else one might like to know who poses as a potential buyer of the Performante 2019, is that the suspension was built to handle the power and the speed that comes in the package of this supercars. It’s quite a stiff setup, which makes it good quality to withstand some hard core driving conditions.

The car sits on 20 inch alloy wheels that are definitely head turners. When searching for luxury cars for sale, if you are big on having nice rims, then you won’t be disappointed in the wheels that come with this beauty. The front and rear wings of the care are quite decorative and unique and can be compared to expensive kitchen counter tops.


This luxury car will cost you £210,000; not a bad price considering all of the great features and sturdy build that it comes with.