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Ferrari 458 Speciale, extreme experience.

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What makes a Speciale Unique?

First and foremost, a Speciale has unique bodywork. There is now a bonnet incorporated into the design of the car as well as a front wing that helps with keeping the car cool. The radiator isn’t very large in size, and you will also notice that the bumper of this car also has a cool new look as well. Alongside each side of the horse logo, you’ll notice that there are double flaps that work as channels to help with the car reaching speeds of up to 137mph; below, the two flaps there is flap that is larger in size that aids in channeling air that travels beneath the car. For a closer look at some of these details, you can browse forsalecarsuk. Moving on to the rear of the Speciale, you will find that there is a spoiler that has a steeper design. The diffuser, yet another top feature of this supercar, also has active aero capabilities that have vents that are electrically operated.

More details

Ferrari is known to be one of the top most wanted luxury cars for sale, and the manufacturers never cease to amaze doing something different and classic with their latest models each year. So to continue on, might I add that when it comes to the weight of the Speciale, 90k has been taken away from the kerbweight. The main features that allow for a much lighter kerbweight would be the RTM bumpers, thin glass on the sides, light weight rear window, and alloy wheels. It’s not only the outside that has contributed to this model being much lighter in weight, but it is also the fact that the inside had no heavy-weight carpet, as well as no glove box. The doors are made up of mostly carbonfire which is considerably light in weight. Visiting supercars dealers, you will be able to take a look in person at some of the new materials that contribute to the light weightiness of the Speciale.

Speciale’s power vs the Italia’s power

When it comes to supercars for sale, you might be wondering about the power of the new Speciale versus the Italia’s power. Well, to start, there isn’t really much of a difference. The V8 naturally aspirated engine hasn’t changed; it still remains 4.5 litres and 605 hp. However, the small change that has been made to the engine is the light pistons, the inlet tracts; that are shorter, crankshaft, exhaust, and plenums. The majority of the features have just been made with different materials that add to the lighter weight of the car. You will definitely be able to tell the difference in the overall drive of the Speciale, even with some of the most minor changes made to certain features. This in return has also made this vehicle a more fuel efficient option.

Price for this supercar

Now, you’re probably wondering about the price. Coming in at a whopping £208,000, you can expect that the Speciale will cost more money compared to the McLaren. With latest upgraded features it is well worth the price!